Respiro Reflections II


Meet soprano Taylor Deane Haines, Respiro participant in 2016. Directly following her time with Respiro, Taylor was accepted into the studio of Deborah Voigt, American diva, at the San Francisco Conservatory. This past spring she finished her graduate degree “Older Alyce” in the school’s production of “Glory Denied.” In January 2019 Taylor placed second in the Metropolitan National Council regionals in Los Angeles. She placed third in the Palm Springs Competition 2019. 

Taylor signed up for Respiro after participating in a “mini Respiro” movement class in the Itlian summer program Lingua e Canto founded by her undergraduate voice teacher Dr. Robin Fisher on the Sacramento State faculty. Stretching my role as vocal coach/pianist, I introduced the singers to the various tenets of each of Respiro’s body work: breath, body alignment, basic anatomy. She was eager to find out more about the mind/body connection as well as the physical anatomy. Respiro Opera, NYC definitely met and exceeded her expectations! 

One aspect of Respiro Taylor really got a lot out of was the body mapping work with Jan Prokop. Learning how the feet could directly affect the neck muscles or how the intercostal muscles helped move the diaphragm or how the head could balance on top of the spine were just abstract concepts up to then. Taylor’s “ah ha” moment was when she was working with Deb Birnbaum. Deb asked her to slightly change something in her body alignment, and out came this easy amazing sound. She also gave credit to Deb for helping the tenor sing with a richer fuller sound so much so, that the group started calling him “Pavarotti!” 

I was very happy to hear that Taylor still uses yoga instructor Barbara Fusco-Spera’s “SAT NAM” breath exercise! 

Compared to other programs she has been a part of, Taylor liked that fact that everybody was able to participate in every master class. The small group size was a wonderful way to get to know everybody and make life long friends. She enjoyed all the musical coachings and the in- depth work on the different characters she was presenting. 

Taylor considers Respiro an investment in one’s career. She said, “Respiro is about learning to fish, rather than hoping you catch a fish.” What a wonderful analogy! The tuition fee was “money well spent.” 

We wish Taylor continued success as she moves ahead in her career!