Our Mission

Respiro Opera, NYC is an intensive training program designed to aid the artistic development of the emerging young professional. Classes focus on the breath and physical freedom with hands on Alexander Technique, Body Mapping, Feldenkrais and yoga specifically tailored for singers. The freeing of the body and breath is essential and compatible with all vocal techniques. Participants in Respiro Opera’s program will work with basic stagecraft and the skill set required for today’s opera performer. Each singer is responsible for the word by word translation. Arias and scenes are discussed with respect to the cultural and historical framework of composer and librettist.

Respiro Opera, NYC’s faculty uphold and honor musical style and tradition from bel canto through contemporary opera. The objective of each faculty member is to raise the participant’s level of confidence in a supportive and honest way. Our faculty is composed of highly regarded professionals with connections to young artist programs and American opera companies.

Respiro Opera, NYC will provide each participant with a video of the final performance. Videos will also be used by Respiro Opera, NYC for promotional purposes and for those individuals who cannot attend the public performance.

Note: Class participation is limited to 12 participants. 


“It was a great idea to start yoga before classes. It really helped me breathe easier and relax my body while singing. Body work goes a long way in affecting the voice. Some singers have solid technique but their own muscular tension and posture hold them back.”
— Jordan Krack, 2016 Participant




Friday: Meet and Greet, and Sing in!

Saturday: yoga, Body Mapping introduction; text/historical setting

Sunday: yoga, Alexander Technique master class; musical coachings

Monday afternoon: blocking, musical coachings, Body Mapping small groups; yoga, AT master class

Tuesday afternoon: blocking, musical coachings, AT small groups; yoga, musical coachings/blocking

Wednesday afternoon: blocking, musical coachings; yoga, blocking, musical coachings, Body Mapping in small groups

Thursday afternoon: blocking, musical coachings; yoga, review blocking/musical coachings

Friday: triage; yoga, agent master class Q&A

Saturday: Dress rehearsal!

Sunday: Public Performance at Opera America, NYC

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