Words from our faculty

Here are some testimonials from past and current faculty and guest lecturers.


bill connington, alexander technique

“What a big success! The students made real strides and improvements. Kudos to you, LeAnn for putting the program together and making it a reality!” 


David holkeboer, pianist/coach

“LeAnn’s thorough preparation of the background, context, characters and meaning of the text of each aria and scene have informed the detailed, meticulous direction she has given you to allow you to realize your individual, fullest possible interpretation.”


jan prokop, body mapping

 “Brava! The Respiro singers grow and learn more with each successful and successive year. It is inspiring and amazing that you have created a vision and concept that can produce such profound results in such a shot time. I feel privileged to be a part of this wonderful, vibrant, talented music-making community.”

Roger Respiro 2018.jpg

roger malouf, vocal coach

“Seeing the transformation that happens to Respiro singers each year in just 10 days, is one of the most gratifying experiences of my career. I also love working with Respiro Opera because the program is so well organized.”

Eleanor Welcome Respiro 2018.jpg


“Respiro offers singers who are serious about developing the skills for vibrant performance a special opportunity: the chance to devote their attention fully to finding more freedom and ease in their body and breath in singing. The Alexander Technique is a vital part of the singer’s toolbox, and Respiro has created an environment where young artists can strengthen the foundation of their craft through the program’s offerings.  What a gift to emerging artists Respiro is!”